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The Miracle Team
January 11, 2024
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We are excited to launch our inaugural blog post on “Integrated Insights” to share what we’re relentlessly working on, the trends we see in the industry, and unique opportunities we find at the intersection of technology and the pharmaceutical industry.

To get you up to speed, Miracle is the control room for clinical trials, putting Clinical Operations in control. Today, too much time is lost because insights remain siloed in different platforms, vendors, and sites. Most Clinical Operations teams are compiling Excel trackers after another, but it’s tedious and takes time away from the actual study. The longer it takes to run clinical trials, the longer that patients have to wait for potential new treatments to come to market.

Jin Kim is the CEO and Founder of Miracle, and he has an engineering background from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science with a focus on Artifial Intelligence. He spent countless hours volunteering and shadowing at hospitals to experience what healthcare professionals encounter everyday. He also previously worked with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, including GSK and Biogen, and health systems, such as Ascension Health, Intermountain Healthcare, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, while he was at InterSystems, the leading healthcare technology platform known as the backbone of Epic EHR’s. Through these experiences, he firsthand observed the challenges from a lack of integration in healthcare, including why manual Excel trackers were inevitable in the clinical trials space.

Jin Kim (CEO) at Y Combinator

We decided to build Miracle to help speed up clinical trials by overcoming the lack of integration, ultimately to get new therapeutics into the hands of patients more quickly. By serving as the “Plaid for Clinical Trials,” we can not accelerate drug development but also lower the cost of new therapies in the long run. To accomplish this, we have been fortunate to be supported by Y Combinator and the MIT E14 Fund from the MIT Media Lab.

If you’re at a biotech company planning to or currently running a clinical trial, please reach out. we would be happy to share our customer success stories, including Axial Therapeutics and Inhibikase Therapeutics.

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The Miracle Team

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