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"The Miracle platform has been a game changer for Inhibikase Therapeutics. Beyond streamlining our recruitment information flow, which significantly reduced the time from participant inquiry to contact, we've expanded its utility to encompass drug supply monitoring and data quality review in a continuous manner. Having all this information in Miracle as a control room has not only enhanced our operational efficiency but has also injected more transparency into our clinical trial management process."

Chris Meyer
Vice President, Clinical Operations
Inhibikase Therapeutics

3 months

Runway Saved

"Miracle shined a giant light on the black box of clinical trial recruitment. Their customized real-time dashboard not only added transparency but also allowed us to understand where our recruitment efforts were effective and where they weren't, all without having to maintain traditional spreadsheet trackers combining data from our study website, EDC, and recruitment vendors. This level of visibility allowed our team to make rapid adjustments and achieve database lock three months ahead of schedule, effectively giving us back an additional quarter of runway."

Photo of Gabriel Belfort, MD, PhD
Stewart Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
‍Axial Therapeutics


How can you help replace our Excel trackers?

We know how tedious and time-consuming it can be to create and update Excel trackers to manage your clinical trial. This is because your vendor reports and key study platforms, such as the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and your study website, do not integrate. With Miracle, we integrate your study platforms and key datasets into an automated, real-time dashboard that is updated throughout the day, giving you back precious hours every week to focus on the actual study.

How long does it take to implement Miracle?

Less than a week.

We supply commonly used dashboards for tracking enrollment, and we make it easy to create new visualizations and dashboards as your study progresses.

What if we need to create custom reports?

Because Miracle is built on your key datasets, you will have the flexibility to create new visualizations, make modifications to existing dashboards, and drill into any visualizations to obtain more granular details. Unlike static charts and visualizations often found in the EDC, social media dashboards, or vendor reports, we make it possible to spin up new dashboards to answer new questions that come up throughout the different stages of your clinical trial. We will be with you every step of the way, and in no time, you will be creating your own dashboards.

Can we provide different levels of access for our Clin-Ops, the executive team, and any other team members?

Yes. Clinical Operations team members need granular insights on how each of your sites and your vendors are bringing participants into your study. On the other hand, your executive leadership may need top-line metrics and how they are trending, such as screenings, screen failures, and randomizations. Miracle makes it very easy to provision different dashboards catered to each role.

Ready to save time in clinical trials?

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