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Stop wasting time on tedious Excel trackers. Miracle is your automated, unified dashboard to streamline your trial with data-driven insights.


3 months

Runway Saved

"Miracle has been a game-changer for Axial by shining a giant light on the black box of clinical trial recruitment. Their customized real-time dashboard not only added transparency but also allowed us to understand where our recruitment efforts were effective and where they weren't, all without having to maintain traditional spreadsheet trackers combining our data from the study website, EDC, and recruitment vendors. This level of visibility allowed our team to make rapid adjustments and achieve database lock three months ahead of schedule, effectively giving us back an additional quarter of runway."

Photo of Gabriel Belfort, MD, PhD
Stewart Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
‍Axial Therapeutics

"The Miracle platform has been a game changer for Inhibikase Therapeutics. Beyond streamlining our recruitment information flow, which significantly reduced the time from participant inquiry to contact, we've expanded its utility to encompass drug supply monitoring and data quality review in a continuous manner. Having all this information in Miracle as a control room has not only enhanced our operational efficiency but has also injected more transparency into our clinical trial management process."

Chris Meyer
Vice President, Clinical Operations
Inhibikase Therapeutics

Each day of your study could be worth millions. Stop wasting time making spreadsheets.

Free yourself from tedious Excel trackers

Miracle integrates with your key study platforms and datasets that you're currently compiling into Excel spreadsheets:

  • Vendor/CRO reports
  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
  • Study website
  • Online questionnaire
  • Screening visits
  • Screen failures
  • Randomizations
  • Drug supply
  • Data review

Free up valuable time for your Clinical Operations team to focus on the study.

Track your research sites, vendors, and CRO in real-time

Miracle provides transparency across each component of your trial's enrollment funnel to quickly identify which sites are your top performers, and ensure you're helping drive enrollment more efficiently.

Improve communication with sites and vendors

Miracle keeps you updated on the real-time activity of how sites are performing on referrals and randomizing patients into the study, so that you can have data-driven conversations and work together towards timely enrollment.


Our growing suite of integrations gets you started in just days

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Core Features

How Miracle Works

Data integration & harmonization
Miracle provides connectors to commonly used clinical trial platforms (i.e. EDC, IRT, study website) and your key datasets to integrate into our single platform.
Interactive, unified dashboard
Miracle comes with out-of-box dashboards to visualize the end-to-end recruitment funnel, and provides the flexibility to create new visualizations easily.
AI forecast using real-time data
Miracle learns from the real-time performance of each research site in your trial to make data-driven forecasts of last patient in so that you can wind down your trial sooner.

Security is our top priority.

Miracle adheres to rigorous data security and compliance, including SOC II, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Ready to save time on clinical trials?

Stop wasting time on Excel trackers. In less than a week, get data-driven insights from an automated, real-time dashboard.

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