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Accelerate clinical trials

Share a sense of urgency across your in-house Clinical Operations team, your CRO, vendors, and sites to complete enrollment faster.

Integrate your data sources

Automatically consolidate reports from your CRO and data from enrollment systems (i.e. CTMS, EDC) into a real-time single pane of glass for transparency.

Monitor your CRO and sites

Foster data-driven discussions and empower your Clinical Operations team to better manage your CRO, sites, and vendors.

Align on a shared reality

Engage with your CRO, sites, and vendors to share a high sense of urgency through context-driven discussions using data.

Proudly Partnered With

Miracle provides a glue technology that connects and amplifies the value of disparate clinical trial resources including online study advertising, online clinical trial screening technologies and electronic clinical trial data to provide a single pane of glass for both quick progress checks and a simplified tool for asking deeper questions across platforms.

Gabriel Belfort, MD PhD

SVP Clinical Development Sciences and Operations