Announcing Miracle's Integration with Medidata Rave EDC

Jin Kim
January 18, 2024
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This week at Miracle, we are launching our new integration with Medidata Rave, one of the leading Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Our new unique Medidata Rave connector offers an easy, effortless integration for biotech companies using Medidata as their EDC in their clinical studies.

Setting Up the Integration with Medidata Rave EDC

1. Navigate to the Integrations page in Settings

In the Integrations page in Settings, you can now click “Setup Integration” for “Medidata Rave EDC”. Stay tuned for our upcoming launches of all our integrations! If you have a specific one you'd love to see, let us know.

2. Authenticate your Medidata Rave instance

You will then be prompted to enter your credentials to set up the integration. You only need to enter 3 inputs – the URL to your Medidata Rave instance, and your username/password of your API credentials.

At Miracle, protecting the privacy of sensitive user information remains at the forefront of our priorities as we continue to launch new features. Security is of utmost importance — we are built on HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. We ensure that all data is transmitted under secure network conditions, protected by HTTPS encryption. This means every bit of information sent to and from our system is encrypted, safeguarding against unauthorized access and ensuring the integrity of your sensitive data. Our customers place a high amount of trust in us, and we're committed to exceeding industry standards when it comes to security.

3. Confirm which trial you’d like to integrate

To ensure accuracy, Miracle will ask you to confirm which trial to integrate from your Medidata instance, which metrics are important for your Clinical Operations team, and verify the data mapping. We are leveraging the latest innovations in large language models (LLM) to enable you to describe essential metrics for your study using simple English.

After walking through the above steps, Miracle will start ingesting data from your Medidata instance, process them into our enrollment data model, and build out our out-of-box dashboards that provide a panoramic view of your study’s enrollment funnel.

Customize your dashboards

The key insight here is that unliked the fixed visualizations you have in the EDC or your CRO reports, Miracle provides the flexibility to drill into any visualizations, spin up new dashboards easily, and most importantly, answer new questions that arise throughout the trial. Also, the data from Medidata is refreshed throughout the day automatically so that you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips — no need to manually compile spreadsheets off your EDC.

Here is a sample enrollment dashboard built off the Medidata integration:

Please reach out to get started with Miracle or give any feedback!

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